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Benefits of Body Cream: It decreases inflammation, which relates to reducing pain. Improve radiance, reduce inflammation, detoxify impurities, eczema and psoriasis, heal minor cuts and burns, stretch marks during pregnancy, helps skin discoloration, natural sunscreen with Vitamin D,E & Dry, cracked feet, best for healing tattoos


Instructions: Simply scoop cream from the 8 fl oz jar and rub in your hands to melt before applying on skin. Massage cream over the skin focusing on dry and affected areas. *Use on your face before makeup as a moisturizer. Use on hair to help with growth and frizz and dandruff.


Ingredients: CBD, Unrefined Soy Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea tree Oil, Natural extracts and organic fragrances. 

Nut Allergy CBD Infused

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